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Safety Policy Statement:
PRIME CONTROLS is committed to the safety of our employees and recognizes such as a top priority. To ensure a safe working environment for our employees, customers, property, and equipment we will utilize a safety program in our daily activities. In order to maintain the recognized safety standards desired, it is company policy of PRIME CONTROLS to actively pursue an accident prevention program through all levels of our company. Participation and compliance of the company's safety programs is mandatory for all employees.  Thank you for your cooperation.
Jace McNiel
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Prime Controls ES&H Department

Our responsibility is to foster and tend to the health and safety of our employees, while also meeting the individual needs of our customers. “As members of our organization, we automatically accept a moral obligation to our fellow workers and an economic obligation to the company to see that all operations under our care, custody and control are carried out in a safe and efficient manner.” Our culture allows for our key performance indicators to both meet and exceed the industry standards by exposure and allows us to be a preferred vender for our customers while protecting our employees.

  • We accomplish this through a comprehensive initial safety orientation for all employees, annual safety training and materials specified by job discipline and an OSHA 10/30 in construction for our field and supervisory employees.

  • We believe in an active short service employee mentorship program for the first six months of hire to provide our employees with the best tools for success.

  • We believe our award recognized behavioral based safety program has a strong foundation of leadership and skill that is strengthened by clear policies related to risk management, planning and incident investigation.

  • We employ a staff of certified safety professionals to assist operations and project management with resources, training, planning, implementation, and project management within the “Project Life Cycle.”

  • The Project Manager has the overall responsibility for the execution of a project from its inception through the system acceptance by the Customer.

  • The Project Manager communicates any special safety control requirements specified for the project to the ES&H Manager.

  • Our “Project Safety Plan” is continuously being improved upon to align with our goals to meet the expectations of our customers and the responsibility to our employees.

Our ES&H Department Directives

OUR MISSION: To educate, inform, plan, and protect our most valued assets – our employees.

OUR GOAL: To train our employees as to our core General Safety Standards which reach across a multitude of vertical markets.

OUR OBJECTIVE: To empower our employees to utilize their stop work authority. Then develop them as to site specific provisions or concerns, so they in turn may work safely for themselves as well as others.

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