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Whether we are the “Prime” Automation Contractor or the sub-contractor; or whether the project is $2500 or $75M, Prime Controls and our over 800 employees are positioned to execute work throughout the United States. Our single service and/or turn-key scope of supply has been delivered from upstate New York all the way to Hawaii.
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Key projects that Prime Controls has had the privilege to execute for NTMWD include:  

  • Wylie WTP Plant I-IV Ozonation

  • Wilson Creek WWTP Expansion

  • Wylie WTP SCADA Upgrade

  • Texoma Outfall to Wylie WTP

  • Wylie WTP Chemical Systems Improvements

  • Water Transmission System SCADA Upgrade

  • Wylie WTP Plant IV Expansion

  • Wylie WTP Plant III SCADA Upgrade

  • Leonard WTP & Bois D’Arc Lake

NTMWD provides critical services to over 1.7 million people, across 10 counties in the North Texas Region.

In 2011, Prime Controls was selected as the systems integrator for the NTMWD Wylie Water Treatment Plants I-IV Ozonation project.  The Wylie Water Treatment Complex operates one of the largest water treatment ozone facilities in the U.S. This was a key and high profile project for NTWMD, Black & Veatch (engineer of record), McCarthy Construction (project general contractor), several key subcontractors and Prime Controls as well. As part of this project, a new standalone controls system was brought online alongside the “legacy” control system that operated the remaining plants and facilities. During implementation of this system, NTMWD recognized the need to start the process of upgrading their plant and system wide control system platforms. This project, sparked with a large population growth, has led to the rapid expansion in NTMWD’s infrastructure system making NTMWD the largest water conservation and reclamation district in Texas.  

Fast forward to 2019 ...

NTMWD has continued to remain one of Prime Controls’ key customers. Since 2011, Prime Controls has successfully completed over 30 projects for NTMWD with another 15 ongoing projects. To date, Prime Controls has constructed 700-plus UL listed control panels to support these projects. As one of NTMWD’s key systems integrators, Prime Controls has continued to expand our project team to keep up with NTMWD’s rapid growth.  What started out as a small project group of 4-5 employees has turned into a project team of 17 employees committed full-time to executing work for NTMWD. Based on the success of this team, Prime Controls was recently awarded the Bois D’Arc Lake and related water treatment and conveyance infrastructure portion of the program, including the Leonard Water Treatment Plant project. This project will be the first major reservoir constructed in Texas in 30 years. Scheduled to be completed in 2022, this reservoir will yield 108 million gallons of raw water per day for NTMWD’s service area. 

More information on North Texas Municipal Water District can be found at

This successful and long-term relationship with NTMWD is the result of our employee’s commitment to meet and/or exceed our Customer’s expectations. To win and be awarded a project is always rewarding, however, being able to establish and maintain a successful, and long-term relationship with a customer such as NTMWD is (you guessed it) priceless. Our compliments and appreciation to NTMWD and all of the many Prime Controls employees who have developed and nurtured this valued relationship.

Reference Articles:
SCADA Systems from Prime Controls, LP Support Hurricane Protection Projects in New Orleans

For the past 14 years, Prime Controls has been working on Hurricane Risk Reduction contracts for the New Orleans District of the US Army Corps of Engineers. Our work is on SCADA systems that allows remote control and monitoring of the storm water pumping stations that drain the city. Data required to operate the pumps includes information about the pumps, the engines driving the pumps, the electrical generators that support the pump stations, and water levels in the intake and discharge areas. Besides these standard data, the SCADA system incorporates weather information and CCTV surveillance. The critical nature of the pump stations requires redundancy in every system, including communications. The systems primarily communicate via fiber optic, with alternates of microwave and satellite radio. 

Prime Controls installed the instrumentation, control panels, control hardware, computer workstations and programmed the PLC's and HMI as well as develop many custom applications to help the USACE and local stakeholders manage the storm water drainage system.

Our efforts began as an immediate response to the impact of Hurricane Katrina in 2005, however we have been awarded work on over 40 contracts for sites throughout the Greater New Orleans Area.  Prime Controls recently served as the controls systems integrator on two of the largest USACE projects in the Gulf Intercoastal Waterway – West Closure Complex (GIWW-WCC) and the Permanent Canal Closures & Pumps (PCCP).

Prime Controls has worked with Energy Transfer on several projects, putting together the team that meets their specific needs.

Prime Controls is currently providing a facility control/ESD system for an ETC Compressor Station. Specific services include: site electrical, grounding and controls design; development of facility cause and effect matrix; PLC/HMI software development and implementation; custom panel fabrication and assembly; and operator and engineer hardware and software training. The system allows for gas compression, an automated local shutdown control system, and remote operation via a satellite radio network.

TI RFab Facility - Richardson, TX

Texas Instruments (TI) was founded in 1930 as an oil & gas exploration company. Today, TI is a leading global manufacturer/supplier of analog and embedded processing semiconductor products employing over 30,000 in more than 30 countries. Many of the electronic products used by consumers daily utilize and depend on TI products. Major markets utilizing TI products include:

  • Industrial

  • Automotive

  • Personal Electronics

  • Communications Equipment

  • Enterprise Systems


TI’s Jack Kilby invented the world’s first integrated circuit in 1958. The rest is history with Texas Instruments now being a household name and globally renown for leading edge technologies and products. More information on Texas Instruments can be found on


While many of our current employees worked on multiple TI projects while employed with our earlier companies (Garico & Team Controls) starting in 1990, Prime Controls’ first TI project was in 2004. Since 2004, we have worked on 94 projects for TI. Key projects that Prime Controls' have had the privilege of performing for TI include:

  • Spring Valley Facility Upgrades

  • DMOS 5 North & South Upgrades/Expansions

  • DMOS 6 Upgrades/Expansions

  • Central Utility Plant (CUP) Upgrades/Expansions

  • Lewisville Data Center Upgrades

  • RFAB Original Facility

  • RFAB Upgrades/Expansion


This successful and long term relationship with Texas Instruments is the result of our employees commitment to meet and/or exceed our Customer’s expectations. To win and be awarded a project is always rewarding, however being able to establish and maintain a successful and long term relationship with a customer such as Texas Instruments is (you guessed it) priceless. Our compliments and appreciation to Texas Instruments and all of the many Prime Controls employees who have developed and nurtured this valued relationship.

Frac Sand Mining & Processing Plant.JPG
The plants are located in the Permian Basin and owned by a newly formed subsidiary of an established natural resources firm. 

The Permian Basin is the most active oil & gas plant in the United States. These plants produce sand that is used in the hydraulic fracturing or ‘fracking’ of wells.  The race is on to have the best sand production in the Permian Basin to meet the increasing demand.   Prime Controls was ready and able to help our client achieve their goals.


Our work began in October of 2017 as a design build effort for the control system of one plant. Upon completion of the project in December of 2018 our scope of work had grown to two plants with an expanded task list.


Our role in the project included:

  • Control System design, programming, testing and startup of two plants with over
    1800 IO points each

  • Design/build/testing of 196 panels, creating over 4800 sheets of panel drawings

  • I/E design requiring 324 sheets of drawings and 208 sheets of documents

  • Arc Flash Studies for two plants

  • Design, procurement and delivery of 10 E-Houses

  • Design and procurement of high availability licensed microwave radio communications link connecting the plants together; then connecting them with a commercial ISP

  • Design and procurement of a licensed microwave radio communications link furnishing broadband internet service to the client owned man camp

  • Wireless network design for the plants

  • Procurement of electrical equipment including transformers, main switches, VFDs, Intelligent MCCs and panel boards


The success of this project is a direct result of our team accepting the challenge head on. Everyone involved worked long hours and gave extra effort. Participation from every department of Prime Controls was an essential component of our success.  Over 70 people contributed more than 25,000 hours to complete this challenging project in less than 2 years.

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