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Prime Controls personnel have been in the semiconductor fabrication industry since the 1980s and our firm has an unparalleled level of expertise in this market. The company has successfully been a part of several large-scale fab production initiatives over the years. From Arizona to Texas to New York, our Critical Infrastructure team has executed integration projects in the Fab sector all over the United States.

We have experience in all aspects of systems integration and I&C construction in mega fabs, including FMCS, LSS, Water Systems, and many other FAB production processes. In addition to the industry expertise, Prime Controls has the size and financial surety to be your secure partner in this large construction process, and the engineering knowledge to be your technical expert!


  • Central Utility Plant Control Systems (Chillers, Cooling Towers, Economizers, Fluid Coolers, Heat Recovery, Boilers)

  • Facility Monitoring & Control Systems

  • Facility SCADA

  • Water Systems (UPW, IWWT, PCW)

  • Vacuum Systems (Plant Vac, House Vac)

  • Critical HVAC Automation (AHUs, CRAHs, VAVs)

  • Emergency Refrigeration Systems

  • Bulk Gas / Air Separation Control Systems

  • Life Safety Control Systems Monitoring & Automation (LSS)

  • Toxic Gas / Chemical System Management Automation

  • Acid & Caustic Exhaust / Scrubber Automation

  • Semiconductor Tool Life Safety Control Systems (LSS)

  • Clean Room / Raised Floor Monitoring and Control (MUAs, FFUs, SCCs)



  • Project Management

  • I&E Design Services

  • Control System Design Services

  • DCS/ PLC / SCADA Software Development and Implementation


  • UL / Custom Control Panel Design and Assembly

  • OEM / VAR Equipment Procurement

  • I&C Construction

    • Instrument Install

    • Conduit and Wire

    • Mechanical Process Tubing

    • Instrument Air Supply

    • Terminations

    • Pressure Testing

    • Wire Testing and Loop Checks

    • Set Enclosures

    • I&C Equipment Power

  • Communications / RF / Fiber Optic System Analysis, Installation and Certification

  • Calibration, Startup, and Commissioning

  • Operations and Maintenance Training

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