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Prime Controls furnishes Electrical Power System Design Services in addition to Control Systems Design.  The Electrical Power Design will be performed in cooperation with the other design disciplines by Prime Controls’ Engineering Department.  A Senior Professional Engineer is assigned to the project reporting to the Project Manager.  The Power Design begins with determining the details of the system to be designed.   Prime Controls coordinates with other engineering disciplines to determine the total electrical load requirements of the building and develop a preliminary design for review.  Once the preliminary design is approved, Prime Controls Senior Professional Engineer will assist in discussions with the utility provider. 

The power engineering deliverable documents include:

  •   Construction Specifications

  •   Load List

  •   One Line Diagrams

  •   Power Conduit and Cable Schedule

  •   Equipment Schedule(s)

  •   Site Electrical Drawings

  •   Panel Schedules

  •   UPS Design

  •   Lighting Design

  •   Grounding Design

  •   Motor Schematic Diagrams

  •   Interconnection Diagrams

  •   Arc Flash & Coordination Studies

Services furnished during the design phase include:

  •   Consultation with other engineering disciplines.

  •   Discussions with electric utility personnel.

  •   Assist with preparation of Electrical Contractor Bid Package.

  •   Review of bidder submittals.

  •   Attend periodic construction meetings.

  •   Respond to questions related to the specifications and design documents.

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